Exciting Transition: From Compostable to Pollastic Mailer Bags!

Later in 2024, we are excited to transition from compostable mailing bags to Pollastic mailing bags. Made from reclaimed ocean plastic, Pollastic bags are not only recyclable but also support environmental cleanup efforts. This initiative empowers local communities in South East Asia by providing jobs to collect and repurpose ocean waste, making a positive impact on both people and the planet.

Introducing Our Sustainable Pollastic Garment Bags

We are proud to use Pollastic garment bags, crafted from reclaimed ocean plastic. These sustainable bags not only reduce plastic waste but also support environmental cleanup efforts. By choosing Pollastic, we're helping to protect our oceans and empower communities in South East Asia through meaningful job opportunities.

Packaging Certifications

Committed to Zero Waste

At Tiny Alpaca, we're committed to a zero waste philosophy. We repurpose muslins and clothing with minor imperfections to ensure nothing goes to waste. By giving these items new life, we minimize our environmental impact and uphold our dedication to sustainability.

Zero Plastic Packaging: Eco-Friendly Choices in Every Detail

Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our packaging. Our gift wrap is entirely plastic-free, our drawstrings are made from organic recycled cotton, and our leaflets are crafted from recycled, recyclable paper. Choose Tiny Alpaca for environmentally conscious packaging in every purchase.

Our Commitment to Organic Cotton and Recycled Fabrics Only

At Tiny Alpaca, we are dedicated to using only organic cotton and recycled fabrics in our products. This commitment ensures that our baby clothing is not only gentle on delicate skin but also kind to the planet. By choosing sustainable materials, we reduce our environmental footprint and promote eco-friendly practices in the fashion industry.